Monday, April 12, 2010

Some highlights of our trip so far...

Meeting two pastors who live in the mountains. They literally have nothing and have a small church made out of bamboo. They are powerful men of God and they prayed that we would not go hungry in Canada. Wow.

Having the kids love us. Or as Simon put it, they were like little love boxes being given to us.

Meeting many of our sponsor kids and seeing how they really live.

Having the leaders here tell us that our kids work so hard and have been such an amazing team to work with.

Hearing our kids cry out to God and lay down issues in their lives that are keeping them from moving forward with God.

Daniel and Reegan creating songs about anything and EVERYTHING. I'm sure you will have the pleasure of hearing them when we return:).

Worshiping God in the sinkhole. We brought God's light and truth to a place of extreme darkness.

We have been broken, and changed and are excited to begin this new journey in our lives. The trip is not ending for us; it is beginning.

God is good.

Last day in Tactic

We leave for Antigua today. It is hard to believe our time Tactic is over. We just got back from a time of worship with the children of Chemchay. They prayed for us, hugged us, and would not let go.

The last two nights were filled with powerful debriefs lead by Rocky, Karen and Les. Please ask about it when we return. God has moved in the hearts of everyone here. He has stretched us, and in some cases broke us. We are grateful for this. For we know that He has great plans for all of us, and He desires us to keep on pressing towards him.

Thank you for your continued prayers. We are greatful.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Congratulations Ryan and Terra! I hope you have a wonderful time at your cerimony, I wish you all the best in your lives to come! Grandma i'm thinking of you and I'm sorry i couldnt dance with you. Everything is going great here and i'll see you all soon.


A powerful day.

Hello folks back home. I apologize for the lack of writing. I can tell you of the excuses when we are home.

Today was a powerful day. We drove south up the mountain from Tactic to a village named Chacalte. There we met with two pastors whose hearts are the biggest I've ever seen. It was hard not to be moved when they shared their hearts; they speak with much passion and sincerity. Ask the students of this experience. After we visited two more pastors and their churches (both with incredible hearts for people who don't know the Lord), we broke into two groups; one group met some of their sponsor children. The Guatemalan people consider it such a huge blessing for us to be is humbling beyond words. The other group continued on with work at the work stie.

They have all been great, singing much of the day.

There are a few students with some upset stomaches. We appreciate your prayers for quick healing. I am feeling under the weather today; a little case of the chills. Please pray for me too.

W e are about to have a debrief with Rocky and Karen; they are people I have come to greatly admire.
I, or another leader will sign back on tonight and give you more details of our experiences.

The Lord bless you all,